Get the Most Out of Your Coverage: The Insurance Market and You

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Insurance coverage is more than just a necessary expense. Insurance can by your primary ally when unexpected events threaten your financial security. What if you could find the right insurer for all of your coverage needs, including drivers, homeowners, and commercial coverage that fits your budget and services claims efficiently with limit options that protect you in the event of an accident or emergency? Find the best options among Fort Collins insurers through the help of an independent policy agent that benefits from helping you save money and get the most out of your auto, home, and business insurance.

Eleven Insurers and Counting

Currently, Insurance By Phone works with nearly a dozen of the nation’s largest insurers offering the widest variety of coverage options. Whether you’re simply looking for inexpensive auto liability coverage, or umbrella coverage for your home or business, you can be trust an experienced independent policy agent with the support of two decade’s worth of experience in customer support and building relationships with Fort Collins insurers that include Mendota Insurance Companies, American Strategic Insurance, Dairyland Auto Insurance, The General Insurance, National Safe Drivers Insurance, Foremost Insurance Group, and Progressive Casualty Insurance Company.

Each insurer that contracts with Insurance By Phone does so with the knowledge that Fort Collins area residents, drivers, and business owners can rely on dependable independent agents that provide ongoing customer support and coverage that suits the individual needs of consumers. One phone call can connect you with policies that match your life, from some of the nation’s largest and most reliable insurance companies. Here are some of industry giants that work with Insurance By Phone in Fort Collins:

  • Kemper Preferred. The Kemper Corporation manages a family of insurers that include Kemper Preferred, offering auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and renter’s insurance, among other types of policies. They also offer Personal Catastrophe Liability coverage that acts as umbrella coverage for almost any type of personal liability imaginable. This coverage protects your liability above and beyond state requirements and against unforeseen lawsuits and claims, including protections against fire damage, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and damage to property in your care.
  • MetLife Insurance. One of the nation’s largest insurers, MetLife is known for its namesake, life insurance coverage, but MetLife offers coverage for your automobile, your home, and personal disability income, which can protect you from loss of income when you are unable to work. For business owners, MetLife also offers several types of group plans as well, including Group Accident Insurance that protects you and your employees in the event of workplace accidents.
  • Travelers Insurance. The Travelers Indemnity Company is the nation’s second largest writer of property-casualty policies, and the third largest personal insurance carrier. They are at the forefront of innovative risk control systems that can help save customers money through effective accident and liability reduction methods. They partner with vehicle tracking recovery systems, material safety data sheets suppliers, and providers of hiring/screening and background check services for your company.
  • Safeco Insurance. In business since 1923, Safeco Insurance is a member of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Safeco offers insurance for your car, home, boat/watercraft, and rental unit, to name only a few coverage options, with 24/7 claims reporting service. Safeco’s strict partnership qualifications mean they only work with independent policy agents that offer policies from a wide variety of carriers, provide a high level of customer support, and facilitate enduring customer relations.

Individualized Policies at the Right Price

A phone call to Insurance By Phone can put you in touch the wide range of policy options from these insurers and many others. There are many things to consider when you select a policy. The state of Colorado, along with your mortgage lender or auto finance institution, require certain coverage limits for your home and your car, but personal insurance coverage can include other liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage limits that can provide you with added security. 

Working with the top insurance carriers in the industry, Insurance By Phone in Fort Collins can be your one-stop shopping trip that helps you find inexpensive coverage, as well as the optional coverage limits you are looking for. And the reputable agents at Insurance By Phone are dedicated to creating lasting relationships built on convenience, trust, and dependability.

When you are looking for a Fort Collins insurer to protect you from life’s unexpected hardships, the right policy for you is only a phone call away. Why wade through the complex policy options when the coverage you need is at your fingertips. The independent policy agents at Insurance By Phone are there to find you the policy that fits your budget and your life. 

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