Buy Now, Save Later: The History of Risk and Insurance

By: Eric Erickson Thursday December 5, 2013 comments

It is likely that you will one day ask yourself: Why do I need insurance? It can certainly seem like insurance premiums eat way at your income without providing anything in return. The reality is that some form or another of risk sharing has been around for centuries. We often take for granted that so many aspects of our lives, while primarily safe and trouble-free, are subject to risks that can threaten to destroy our financial wellbeing. Whether it is our home, our automobile, or our small business, few of us can withstand hardships that... Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Coverage: The Insurance Market and You

By: Eric Erickson Friday November 29, 2013 comments

Insurance coverage is more than just a necessary expense. Insurance can by your primary ally when unexpected events threaten your financial security. What if you could find the right insurer for all of your coverage needs, including drivers, homeowners, and commercial coverage that fits your budget and services claims efficiently with limit options that protect you in the event of an accident or emergency? Find the best options among Fort Collins insurers through the help of an independent policy agent that benefits from helping you save money... Read More

Easy, Fast, and Convenient: Get Insured with One Phone Call

By: Eric Erickson Wednesday November 6, 2013 comments

Navigating the auto, life, residential, and commercial insurance landscape can be incredibly treacherous. How do you make sense of varying premiums, deductibles and coverage limitations? Fort Collins area insurance customers have known the ease, convenience, and speed of insuring their car, home, and business with one single phone call for over two decades. Why waste time searching through dozens of liability plans to find the cheapest price, the folks at Insurance By Phone can help find you the best, and the cheapest, insurance, and provide... Read More

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